Exclusive Worldwide Rights to Disruptive Technology

Plantation Corp has obtained an exclusive license to use the patented, active modified atmosphere packaging (AMAP) technology to develop active and intelligent medical marijuana containers for the medical cannabis market. 

Breakthrough Preservation Technology

Based on a radical integration of specialized gases and natural agents, this breakthrough preservation technology dramatically extends the useful life of medical marijuana up to six months by actively managing the internal container’s environment and automatically adjusting its atmosphere as required. Simply put, the technology’s innovative features extend the life of medical cannabis, while mitigating mold and pathogens to ensure product safety.

How The BudLife Intelligent Container System Works

Cannabis is a sensitive organism that requires a container system that is both active (constantly working to preserve the attributes of cannabis) and intelligent (responding to changes in its environment).  Only the BudLife System fits this profile. It incorporates the following features:
Rigid Container - Protecting the integrity of glandular trichomes is paramount. Currently bags are used from cultivation to the end consumer. This use of bags results in damage from handling, smashing and friction.
Defined Head Space is critical when implementing active packaging. Defined head space allows the management of gases and provides a protected zone for gas expansion.
Use of ultraviolet barriers - Protects against light damage and allows visual inspection.
Active System Management - An active management sachet system maintains the proper atmosphere in the packaging to insure the optimum preservation of the cannabis’s medical benefits.



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